Kenshi Journal

kendo musings


I established this as a place to expand on my ideas of budo, with a particular focus on Kendo and Iaido. The teachings from various instructors that I have been fortunate to receive will also make up the lion’s share of what makes it up here as well.

The Author

The main contributor to Kenshi Journal is me, Brian Beckford. I grew up and began my practice of Japanese swordsmanship in Miami, FL. I’m a physicist by day having earned my doctorate at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. During that time (~5 years) I trained extensively in Kendo and Iaido every chance I had and was fortunate to learn from very highly ranked and experienced instructors. Currently, I have been studying budo for about 17 years, which means I have a long way to go. My personal webpage can be accessed here.

  • 4th Dan Kendo (AJKF)
  • 4th Dan Iaido (AJKF)
  • 2nd Dan Iaido Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu (IMAF)

Full Budo CV.



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